As someone who likes to change her style nearly every time I get my haircut, Amanda always has great ideas as to what we can do. I come in with a vague idea of what I want and we go through what’s the best plan of action. I’m always met with new and innovative ways to cut my hair to make the style last longer, new things to cut my hair with (like last time, it was a razor) and new products to keep the style all the way up to my next haircut. When I’m getting my hair cut, not only do I get to catch up with what feels like an old friend, I also get a very professional run down and talk through of what’s being cut off and why and how it will work when we dry it out and style it. Every time I get instructions on how to style it when I wash it and dry it back home. I also get instructions on what to do with when it gets longer and grows out. I get the best advice from Amanda and she won’t let me do anything that will look stupid or won’t suit my face or won’t be suitable for work! She is by far the best hairdresser I’ve ever had. My hair always comes out how I hope it will which is no easy task and I must admit never happened before I went to see Amanda.